What others say about ebs:

Not sure what to think? We invite you to consider what others say about ebs.  And yes, we’re happy to provide references.

When we need a temp, it is often last minute. Kathy is bright, cheery and friendly to work with, and she provides quick service. Her high-quality temps have that same level of commitment to their jobs. They aren’t just seat fillers. They are hard working folks who get the job done. Thanks for helping out in a pinch, time and time again!
Anna Marie

You did an excellent job matching me up. I will definitely pass your name on to anyone in accounting who wants to change jobs.

As a recruiter, Abby stands out from the rest. After we first met, she continued to reach out to me. She brought opportunities my way and sought referrals from me. She welcomed my calls and kept me informed. Abby brightened my day.

I am really excited about my new position and want to thank you for everything. There is no other like you!

Thanks for everything. Your help and hard work has put a huge smile on my face. I love what I’m doing and I owe you a huge thanks.

Thanks for presenting us with very solid candidates for this position.

I can’t thank you enough for all the effort you put into finding me a job. This opportunity is truly the perfect fit for me.

I’ve been so pleased with ebs since the first contact. I inquired at a couple of other agencies but was not the least bit impressed. ebs definitely has lived up to my expectations!

It’s amazing how you all work together! You are the best recruiter in St. Louis.

You did a great job finding us a terrific head of HR. I hope we work together again.

Thank you for your help and expertise. I highly recommend ebs to people seeking employment.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience working with this team of people, who took the time to understand my needs and to find the best possible fit to achieve my career goals.
EBS did an excellent job of communicating throughout the job search and hiring process, while also providing useful company and position details. During the interview and later stages of the process, they provided prompt and thoughtful updates, while listening to my feedback to ensure the position was the right fit.

Over the months after starting my new position, EBS has continued to stay in contact and provide invaluable support. I would highly recommend EBS to anyone interested in a new opportunity.

EBS has always been a great resource, but Kathy really excelled when she found our Director of Financial Reporting (now a VP of Finance). We have other excellent hires from her, but this one stands out above the rest. I would highly recommend.

I’ve been fortunate to work with Abby for more than a decade now both as a recruiter searching for candidates as well as while I myself was a candidate, and I’m thankful to say she’s been successful in both realms. In addition to having placed me in one of the most enjoyable and challenging roles of my career, Abby has been instrumental in helping to secure top-level talent for me in various industries in a wide range of professional positions. As long as I’ve known her, she’s been one of, if not THE first recruiters I would reach out to when I was preparing to use an agency to fill a role.

Abby Kambak is a breath of fresh air. Goal oriented and fiercely committed to making sure that whoever walks through her door leaves with the tools and confidence needed to find a new, better business opportunity. Thank you so much for all your hard work in pushing interviews and looking for job opportunities for me, Abby. It has been a great honor to work for you and EBS and I really want to continue our relationship if possible. I can’t begin to tell you how reassuring and uplifting working with someone as talented as you has been. Your honesty and positive attitude has been a real godsend. All the best!

Abby is a dedicated recruiter and an absolute joy to work with. She really tries to understand you as a client and goes the extra mile to help you present yourself in the best light!

If you are looking for someone to represent you in a contract role, Abby is the person to do so! She isn’t just the type of recruiter to use any “warm-body” to fill a role, she knows her people and understands what her clients are looking for in order to ensure a precise fit happens. Because of her hard work & relationships, I was able to find an excellent career. YOU NEED TO REACH OUT TO HER NOW!

It has been a great pleasure working with Abby & EBS.
I cannot speak highly enough of the work that Abby & the staff did while placing me in this role, and the support and benefits that were offered were very beneficial.

Abby is incredible to work with. I had recently moved from out of state, and she did a terrific job lining me up with employers that fit my needs and experience. Beyond her extreme professionalism Abby is a genuinely kind person that keeps your best interest at heart. I would highly recommend working with Abby.